Don’t blink.

It happens in the most random of places. Perhaps you’re in the grocery store check-out, and your child asks you to buy a pack of lifesavers. Or you’re at the donut shop, and your toddler is pointing to a pink donut with sprinkles. Or you’re at a park, sitting on a bench watching your kid play on the jungle gym. And from behind, you hear a stranger say wistfully, “cherish these days. They grow up so fast.”

Truer words were never spoken. Wasn’t this yesterday?

Don’t blink. The next thing you know she’s a teenager, constantly checking her phone.

One day he’s smiling at you, all goofy and happy and sweet.

The next, he’s a gentle giant.

Cherish the moments, because they soon become days, then years.

That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet.
~Emily Dickinson


Filed under Happiness, Life, Parenting, Time

2 responses to “Don’t blink.

  1. Tracy

    — simply precious!

  2. Kea

    Love it Cheri!! Just love it!

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