Cinderella Desk. Beware. Sad ending.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about desks alot.   Hey, I’m not the only one!   A good friend posted the following riddle on his Facebook status yesterday:

“Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?”

The answer to this riddle, apparently, is in the book Alice in Wonderland:

Alice sighed wearily. “I think you might do something better with the time,” she said, “than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers.”

But I digress.  This post is not about Alice in Wonderland.   It is a Cinderella story.   About a desk. 

Desks.   You may be sitting at one.   I sure spend a lot of time at mine.   And I love to give them “Cinderella Makeovers.” 

I rescued this particular desk.  I found it at one of my favorite haunts.  You guessed it.  GOODWILL!

Here’s the before.   Can you believe this ugly specimen cost $49?

I guess even Goodwill has inflation! Here’s a before shot of the top. Eeegads!

What did I like about this desk anyway?   Well, it had good bones and the drawers slid out pretty well.   I peered inside a drawer and saw something engraved. “Drexel Heritage”.   Hey I’ve heard of that manufacturer! 

And in small print it said, “Touraine Collection.”


So I shelled out the $49 bucks and hauled it home.   Went online and learned the Touraine Collection was made in the 1960s.  Some Craigslist ads priced pieces at up to $450.


So what did I do to give it its Cinderella makeover? 

PAINTED IT of course! 

I thought it would look cool in an antique white color with an olive green trim.   Just give it a newer, but still vintagey,  look.     So  I used a line of decorative paints from Caromal Colours.   This is cool paint– the texture is like putty.  You just smoosh it on with a paint brush. It dries really fast and cleans up with water.  I LOVE easy paint clean-ups!   After it dried I took a damp rag and smeared on some Caromal Colours toner into the nooks and crannies.   Here’s what it looked like when I was done. 

Now I’m no perfectionist, and I’m no professional painter.   But for $49 and some paint it looks pretty good, huh?  Don’t you just LOVE a good Cinderella story?

But I have to tell you something.  Please don’t get mad at me.  

We don’t have this desk anymore.  


We got a new sofa, and had no room anywhere for this desk as it was too big.   So guess what I did? 


I gave it back to Goodwill.


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5 responses to “Cinderella Desk. Beware. Sad ending.

  1. suzy

    Yet another great story. Thanks for the tip on Caromal Colours! I’d never heard of them.

    • Thanks Suzy. Caromal Colours paint is great stuff. I’m still trying to figure out how to attach links! There’s so much to learn with this blog, I’ve become an obsessed woman! And Facebook is bad enough! 🙂

  2. Michele Hill

    Cheri…you have always had such a good eye! Please come redo my house for me!

  3. Check out what we are doing with the Caromal Colours on my Facebook page – 3 Oaks Studio for the Country Living Artisans Collection by Caromal Colours. Also on my website – We are having a blast with this stuff… is so easy. We are having former non do it yourselfers go nuts, transforming entire kitchens with it!

  4. And I’m sad for the loss of your desk, but I’m sure it didn’t stay long at the Goodwill store this time, and I bet ya they asked more for it this time as well!!

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