Wish I had this dog’s willpower!

Need some inspiration to help you resist those treats around the house? Hey, if Rock the Golden Retriever can do it, you can do it!

My mouth is watering!

Oh, the temptation!

This is TORTURE!

You DID it! Thanks for the inspiration Rock! (Good job Kenny)

This post dedicated to Rock, one of the best dogs we’ve ever known. 1998 – 2009. Rest in Peace sweet pooch!


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5 responses to “Wish I had this dog’s willpower!

  1. Rock’s blog gets me emotional! I’m glad he has a made a permenant, positive, loving memory in so many lives. Thanks Cheri. You are touching everyones lives with your creativity and thought fullness! “At home with Cheri” is the best blogsite ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kenny, we all miss Rock! This was the last time we saw him . . . he was a good dog until the end! Thanks for the nice comments about the blog– it’s fun and I’m enjoying chronicling favorite family memories so we have them forever.

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  4. Andi

    puppy love is eternal

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