A Little Game: Can You Find the “Order in the Chaos?”

My daughter Jenna has a real eye for fashion, and always manages to walk out the door each morning looking charming.

Cute, huh? And get this: It takes her about 15 minutes max to get ready.


15 minutes MAX!

Now, you would figure that someone who gets dressed so fast, and so adorably, would be able to find her clothes quickly. And this is indeed the case with Jenna. But you won’t believe me when you see what her dresser looks like:

Yes, this is what her dresser looks like EVERY morning. Does this drive me crazy you ask? The answer is a resounding YOU BETCHA!!!!!! No matter how much I nag, beg, bribe, cajole, blackmail, threaten, the dresser STILL looks like this every morning. 😦 Nothing seems to work. This teenager’s room is destined to stay messy. Aarrgh!

But there IS one thing that makes me feel better. There is actually order in this chaos. Take another look, and try to figure out what it is: (yes, this is the game)

Figured it out yet?

Here’s a hint.

Clothes are organized by color! And LABELS are the secret!

When Jenna needs a white, beige or brown shirt, she goes to this drawer:

When she needs a black or grey shirt, she goes to this one:

Blue and green shirts are here:

And pinks, reds, yellows and oranges are here:

I instituted this labeling system when she was about two. And it has remained the same for years. And somehow, the shirts make it into the right drawer. Jenna’s clothes have a semblance of order, and she emerges from her bedroom in the morning looking so darn cute. Let me just remind you. (Sorry, I can’t help myself. A mom with photos is dangerous!):

Okay, so back to Jenna’s room. It’s typical teenager messy. But at least she can find her clothes. And she is NEVER late for school!

All I can say is, moms armed with label makers RULE.


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4 responses to “A Little Game: Can You Find the “Order in the Chaos?”

  1. susan norman

    Jenna looks absolutely adorable. She should be a designer of women’s clothing. She sure knows what looks good together. I love your blog Cheri. The pictures of Jenna’s drawers was really funny. Very interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work. I love to look at my email and see what you have come up with next.

    Love you,
    Aunt Susan

    • Thanks Aunt Susan! I told Jenna what you said– she WOULD be good in the fashion arena, but she has her heart set on owning a bakery some day– which of course I’m all for too! I’m lucky that my biggest challenge with her is the state of her room. I’ve always marvelled at how your house is so spotless– especially when you had four boys around the house! What’s your secret?

  2. Hi Cheri, My name is Anne Arntson and I’m the Editorial Production Assistant for HouseLogic.com. I wanted to reach out about your messy drawer image: . We’d like to get your permission to use it in an upcoming article. Can you please send me an email? I’d love to explain more. aarntson@houselogic.com. Thanks! Anne Arntson

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