Easy, Cool Wall Art

I apologize for not posting the past few days– been absorbed with tracking my family tree on Ancestry.com. Of course, soon I will post about this, along with tips I’ve learned to make tracking YOUR family tree a cinch. It’s really interesting to learn about your ancestors, and much easier in today’s day and age. I attempted this about 20 years ago, and didn’t get very far because it was so tedious. But everything is just a click away now. And a bonus is I’ve been able to Google many of my ancestors to get their stories.

I’ve also been busy planning our upcoming trip to New York. We leave this Sunday. Daughter Jenna is singing with her school choir at Carnegie Hall next Friday night! I plan to blog about our trip and the Carnegie Hall experience, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, today’s post is a short favorite from a former blog of mine, Refreshing Redesign.

Here’s an easy idea for wall art: Take scrapbook papers in any theme you like (I chose Heirloom Papers) and frame them with inexpensive discount store frames. I framed nine papers in identical frames from Walmart. The frames are all black with white mats and cost about $12 each– they may be inexpensive, but the simplicity of black and white is a classic choice that makes any paper look good, especially when you group the frames en masse. Above is a photo of the end result:

And here’s a pic of one of the individually framed scrapbook papers:

Here’s a photo of the wall art integrated with the living room:

Try it! It’s easy as pie to do . . .

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