Shabby Bird Bath Gets Painted.

It was a pretty wet winter for Southern California standards, and boy, are we reaping the benefits this Spring! The roses are blooming in force.

They’re everywhere in the backyard.

And one of my favorite spots to sit, read a book, and enjoy the view is right here.

Only problem is, the bird bath is looking pretty shabby from all the rain.

So time to bring out the paint and give this Walmart special (on clearance for about $19) a makeover.

First, I paint the entire bird bath bowl in Caromal Colours Country Living Bayberry Textured Basecoat.

Then, I give it a coat of Country Living Paprika Textured Basecoat.

Then, I get out the rough grit sandpaper and sand in random areas all over the bowl to give it a rustic appearance.

Fill the bird bath with water.

And admire my hard (well not really) work.

P.S. Did you notice I changed the front porch header picture for this blog? Let me know if you like it!


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2 responses to “Shabby Bird Bath Gets Painted.

  1. Christine

    Love all your blooming flowers Cheri. What kind of climbing roses are those?

  2. Hey Christine, the flowers on the arched arbor are an old classic, Blaze. My grandmother has them in her yard and I love the fuchsia color. The roses climbing the patio cover are Joseph’s Coat. They change color as the blooms mature– from a yellowish orange to red to dark red. Very pretty rose. And the yellow ones behind the short wall are Graham Thomas yellow floribunda. They’re really good bloomers and disease resistant, my favorites!

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