Charming San Diego.

Hi All! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in the past week. I was in San Diego caretaking my Grandma Helen. I LOVE visiting Grandma– she’s so interesting with all her old stories. And I always have a grand time in San Diego. I stay at my Uncle and Aunt’s KILLER place on Mission Bay. Here’s the view from their balcony.

Visiting San Diego is especially great because I get to see my old friends from high school. Here’s a pic of some friends I hadn’t seen in 34 years! We had a wonderful time at Casa de Pico. Fabulous margaritas. We closed down the place!

I also get to see my brother Kenny and his family. I ADORE each and every one of them! Kenny’s wife Heather is pregnant with their SIXTH child! This pic is of Heather and daughter Skylar.

Along with the amazing people and incredible weather, I love San Diego because of its history and charm. Balboa Park has some incredible architecture. Check out the Casa de Prado Theatre.


And I LOVE the old houses and lovely streets in Mission Hills, near Old Town. Mission Hills is a beautiful neighborhood, with Craftsman and Spanish Colonial style houses– no tract homes here! It's especially sentimental to me because I grew up in this neighborhood. My dad bought this house in 1970, for $40,000 bucks.

It’s actually two stories. You’re looking at the 2nd story. The first floor is down below on the canyon. Here’s a pic of the canyon.

Gosh, I wish Dad had kept that house. It’s worth SO much more than $40 grand now. The house directly across the street is for sale for $1.2 million. They just lowered the price from $1.7! (sorry, I don’t have a good pic of it.)

But here’s the house three doors down, to give you an idea how lovely the homes are in Mission Hills.

And here’s a charming Craftsman on Hermosa Way:

Makes me want to move back to San Diego! Maybe when my husband Ron retires in about 15 years. Seriously. I’d love to live in either Mission Hills or the neighborhood of Kensington. Check out these ADORABLE Spanish Colonial houses in Kensington!

Isn’t that so charming? The Spanish Colonial homes in this area were built between 1920 and 1930. Note the tile around the doorway on this home.

And this one. I just love it. Nothing huge, but dripping charm and quaintness.

When can I move in?

Now, if San Diego makes you swoon, wait till you see my next post! We’re heading to Ireland today, and will be gone for a week. We’re attending a wedding of one of Ron’s longtime employees, who is marrying an Irishman. Thrilled to see Ireland! I’ll try to post to this blog while we’re in Ireland, but it may be difficult– if so, I will share pics when we get back next week.


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2 responses to “Charming San Diego.

  1. susan norman

    I did not know you lived in Mission Hills. I have seen that house as our friend Sherry Reed, the judge that married us, lives a couple of doors away. We like Mission Hills and Kensington as well. That would be great if you could move back. Was fun to see your friends in the picture at Casa de Pico. You certainly kept yourself very busy while visiting at our home. Your pictures were great. Love you, Aunt Susan

  2. terri

    loved the photos and narrative…San Diego areas I am not acquainted with…

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