Hello, and welcome to @Home With Cheri!  I’m a homemaker, wife, mother of two, new-empty-nester living in Valencia, CA.  My goal with this site is to share info and thoughts on a wide variety of topics that relate to home, family and LIFE.      I’m passionate about a few things.    Such as:   Decorating— before and afters, refurbishing goodwill and garage sale finds, and refreshing your home without  spending a bunch of money.    Organizing—  here’s a motto I force myself to abide by, because it keeps me sane: “everything has a place and everything is in its place.”  Parenting— the trials and tribulations, funny stories, and different ways to raise kids.   Family— life stories with a message.  Books— what I’ve read, what I’d like to read, and why.   Fitness—  tricks and tips on getting fit and lean (a big personal goal).   Cooking— how to make meals that are easy,  inexpensive and nutritious (and how to cook when you’re the only one in your family that’s dieting.)  Travel— tips on simplifying travel, places we’ve been, places we’ve loved and where we wouldn’t go again.

I hope you join me on this blog.  I plan to post about three times a week.

Tell me, what topics about home are you interested in talking about? 

5 responses to “About

  1. Daryl

    Hi Cheri,

    Fun, fun good luck with the blog! You look great.

  2. Karen Crowley Jarldane

    Nice blog Cheri! I love your stories about your dad. I’m in the midst of tracing back some genealogy and the question my sister and I have is where do you put these different memories and photos of distant relatives and all that. I love that you have put stories of your dad on a blog. Something to think about!

    • Karen,

      Thanks for the nice comments.  I’ve been doing some geneology research also, through a great website, Ancestry.com.  You can set up an account and your family can access it, and you can post comments and stories all there, in one place.  Your family just clicks on the family tree they want more info on. There is a small fee, but I think it’s worth it.  But doing a blog is a popular option also, and when you have updated stories you can post about them, and there is no fee if you use a free blogging platform.  Good luck on your research!


  3. Hi Cheri!
    I ran across your blog from your facebook page, and I love it! I remember chatting with you a year or so ago, and your love for design. I too enjoy dabbling in design and decorating. Hope life is treating you well, you look great. Stop by and visit my blog – I’d love to share crafty projects with you!

    Fondly, Rhonda

  4. Man should forget his anger before he lies all the way down to sleep.- Mahatma Gandhi

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