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A Hummingbird in the House

Last week a hummingbird flew into the house up to the 2nd story ceiling. Remembering a trick I’d read long ago I held up a clear bowl of red water and the bird followed me down the stairs. But just as I neared the patio door my dog Bingo jumped up and snatched the bird in his mouth. I grabbed Bingo and ran outside and tried to pry open his lockjaw– but the dog was stubborn and clenched his jaw closed even tighter. In a last-ditch effort I yelled ‘DROP IT’ and Bingo opened his mouth. The tiny bird fell out, wet and scared, but alive!

I held her in my palm under a warm blanket, and when she was dry I lifted her to the sky. But she was too weak and landed with a silent thud on the patio. Before the dog could pounce again I scooped her up and warmed her a few more minutes. This time, I laid her on the backyard retaining wall. When she flew off I was happy to have given a wild bird a second chance at life. And now, when hummingbirds come to our feeder, it seems they pause mid-flight to look at me a tad more curiously, like they are thanking me for saving their friend.


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